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Regular Church Service, St.John's School, Camp, Pune
(10:00 am)

The Glory Night, St.John's School, Camp, Pune
(7:00 pm)

The Ladies Interecessory Prayer, Rivera Appt, Bhavani Peth, Near ICC Office, Camp, Pune
(7:00 pm)

The School of Prophets, St.John's School, Camp, Pune
(7:30 pm)
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Ps. Evangeline Davare


Shalom my friend and a warm welcome to you! It is with burning passion in our hearts to see India come to Jesus and witness His Power, that we have put up this website. We do hope you will enjoy going through it, and if you have a heart for God and the supernatural – then, you will surely be blessed and take up the burden for our land with us! Our greatest desire has always been, that we should be a part of the end-time move of God, both in Pune and throughout the world at large. Our vision is to encourage Christians all over to delve more in the supernatural, provided by God for us  through the workings of the Holy Spirit of God, resulting in signs,  miracles and wonders, and other manifestations such as angelic visitations, and various new supernatural elements in the spiritual realm. To delve more in the Prophetic and Apostolic realm and most of all to experience the Glory of God in our midst. To be part of the Great world-wide Revival which is about to take place and to be lifted up in the Rapture which could happen anytime now.


Our Church is called “The Shiloh Tabernacle Assembly”. It was established and registered in the year 1992. as a Charitable Trust.  We are an independent Church - we do not receive any aid from other sources, both in India and abroad. God is our provider. The founder of the Church, who is also our Senior Pastor, is Pastor Jayant Davare and the Co-pastor is Pastor Evangeline (his wife). They have always ministered with great zeal under the prophetic, Apostolic, Evangelical anointing – which is why we are blessed today. God has graciously used him from the start, in founding and building up the Church, and in mentoring scores of pastors, leaders and ministries both in India and on an international level too. Our Church has been founded on Bible-based principles, with help and guidance from the Holy Spirit alone.  Let us start with the soul-stirring testimony of PASTOR JAYANT DAVARE as told by him.

Pastor Jayant Davare's Life Changing Experience In His Own Words

       I was born in a nominal Christian home, where everyone went to Church every Sunday (everyone except me!), and though my mother was very prayerful, yet none of us really knew the saving grace of Jesus. In fact, even though I was born in a Christian home, I wasn’t a good Christian at all. I never attended Sunday School as a child, and later as an adult – there was not an ounce of Godliness in me. Oh yes, I was a very good Christmas and Easter Christian, but that too was because I was forced to do so. Youth meetings were out of the question for me! I’d rather be in a theatre than in a Church! And if I went it was only to please my mother as she would constantly plead with me to go to Church (what a change now!) Oh, and if I did go, then my seat was always booked for the last bench, and emptied before the final “Amen,”( all  because  I knew that after the benediction, the Pastor would come to the entrance to shake hands with all his congregation members – and I didn’t want that at all!)! Though you would consider this action of mine as rebellion, or even pride - but, it was neither of these two! The truth was that I was extremely shy! I just couldn’t face people. So I would hide myself in a movie-theater instead of going to Church, and even if I went to Church in the morning, I would make up my movie time, by going for the matinee show in the afternoon!. I used to see two movies, sometimes three in a day.

         My favorite past-time was READING. I was a voracious reader. I would read anything that I came across – good, bad, ugly or hot!. My target was set at two novels in a day, thick or small! I would read them, and that is why people called me a well educated gentleman, and the public opinion about me was “be they What a good, obedient and God-fearing boy this is!” But was I really? Far from it . They didn’t know what filth I read, they didn’t know the world of vivid, wicked imaginations I I delved in, because of the things I saw and read!

         Well, let me go on. I had another obsession in my younger days which increased when I grew older. It was body-building. I was crazy after this, and by the time I was twenty, I started off on body-building and yoga with real sincerity. I was strong and became even stronger day by day, and it was not long before I was able to lift the heaviest weights in the gym. I had developed a strong muscular body too and I sure was proud of it. We would enter Body Building contests – which of course I never won! MORE......

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